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Classrooms (Campus)

Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Roma Google map

Several classrooms which are utilized for the teaching activities of our Faculty are located in various buildings within the Campus.

Each building has a code, starting with “CU”, which identifies the building itself. See attached map.

The following table lists the classrooms, toghether with their maximum capacities as reported on the signboards posted outside each classroom.


Classroom nameLocationMaximum capacity
Aula IEdificio CU002159
Aula IIEdificio CU002130
Aula IIIEdificio CU002104
Aula VEdificio CU00248
Aula VIEdificio CU00248
Aula VIIIEdificio CU00225
Aula XIIIEdificio CU00770
Aula XIVEdificio CU00760
Aula XVEdificio CU03585
Aula CEdificio CU03585
Aula P1Edificio CU037210
Aula P2Edificio CU037210